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Photovoltic Solar Systems

Solar PriMeg offer Solar and Wind Powered systems together with back up systems.

Components for various systems.

Solar Panels - Source These are panels when placed in the sunlight produce an electrical current. The voltage of the panel may vary from 12 volt DC to 48 volt DC. Depending on the size and wattage of the panels, panels may be connected in series or parallel depending on the application.


The Batteries within the system serve as the ‘fuel tank’ within a car. They store the energy for usage till it is needed. Batteries are rated as amp/hr and the larger this reserve the larger the backup.


The Inverter is critical as it converts the DC current in AC current. Most houses holds use AC current. The inverter generates a wave of electricity and this wave must be as close as possible to the sine wave received in households.

Solar PriMeg offer many tailored made system, and clients requesting quotes must provide the total electrical draw in terms of watts and the number of hours the system would be in use for the day.


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