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Pool Heating

Solar PriMeg offers Pooling Heating Solution for owners to enjoy their pool year round. This ensures pool owners make up full usage of their investment of the pool.

Pool Heating can be done in two Methods being Solar Pool and Heat Pump technology.

Solar Pool Heating.

What is Solar Pool Heating?

Solar Pool Heating using Black polypropylene panels to absorb the energy from the sun and transfer this to the pool water.

This system is different from solar water heating, in that solar pool heating is based on a small differential temperature and large volume. The solar panels used for pool heating is different from those used for solar water heating.

How does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Solar Pool Heating may use the existing pool pump to circulate water from the pool to the panels. The Pool Panels are situated North Facing.

The solar panel absorb the heat from the sun and transfer this heat to the water within the tubes. The temperature increase may be from 3-10 degrees depending on the weather conditions.

This system does not require maintenance and a bypass may be installed to prevent excessive heating during summer months. Solar Pool Heating will heat the temperature of the water to ambient or greater and will extend usage of the pool. Pool blankets must be used with solar pool heating to prevent heat loss during the night and when not in use.

Solar Pool Heating

Heat Pump Technology.

Heat Pumps are efficient heaters for pools. Pool temperature can be maintained at a specified temperature across the year and even over the 24 hour day. This enables the full usage of one pool even during winter months.

Heat Pump System

Pool Heat Pumps are efficient heater as they recover 75% of the energy required from the ambient air.

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Solutions Guarantee Rebate
Save up to 45% of your Electrical Bill with Solar PriMeg. Solar PriMeg are Manufactures of Solar Water Heaters for both Domestic and Industrial Applications. We also specialist in Alternative Energy such Photovoltaic Systems, Heat Pumps and Pool Heating. With over 30 years of experience you assured of the best. Solar PriMeg offers Nedbank Personal Finance to assist with your green project.

Solar PriMeg offers a 5 year guarantee on Domestic Solar Water Heaters. We offer Superior Stainless Steel Pressure Tank for our harsh climate.

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We also offer both Domestic and Industrial Rebates.

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