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Heat Pumps

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps are machines which heat up water using the principal of the refrigeration cycle. These machines use ambient air as a primary source of heat. Electrical energy is used to drive a compressor within the system. Heat Pumps can fit on the standard geysers or used in Industrial Applications.

Savings and Benefits of heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are efficient heaters and generally 2-4 times more efficient than electrical elements. This translates to a 50-75% savings as compared to an electrical element.

Heat Pumps have the following benefits:

  • Can operate 24 hours per day even in cold water conditions.
  • Excellent return on investment especially in industrial applications.
  • Can be placed outside and out of sight.
  • Discharging cold air as waste, this may be ducting as air conditioning.

How does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat Pump Cycle

Different Configurations of Heat Pump

Solar PriMeg stock two configurations of the Heat Pumps:

Split Unit Retrofit: Can be installed to standard geyser and back up for solar geysers.

All in One: Comprises for a pressurised storage tank and heat pump together and suited for new homes or when old geyser needs to be replaced.


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